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Here's What Your Get With Addictive Site Builder Plus+

Browser Push Notifications for Web and Mobile

This feature allows you to automatically send push notifications to visitors every time a new post is added. Even if they are not on your website anymore.
These notifications work both on desktop PCs and on mobile devices.
Your traffic will snowball every day as more and more visitors will start seeing messages about new posts on your site.

Sticky Browsing History

Usually, it only takes one click on the Back button to leave a regular site. But with this feature enabled, visitors will have to jump through each post they’ve scrolled through.
Every time they click the Back button, it takes them to the previous post, until there are no more posts left and they can finally exit the site.
You can turn this feature off if you wish, but with it enabled, your visitors will get to see more of your content and more of your banner ads and affiliate products. It’s an easy way to quickly boost earnings from your site.

Premium Share Button

This button allows you to get more shares on social media sites.
With its pulsing appearance it’s hard to miss and a majority of people are curious to see what happens when they click it.

Developers License

With Developers License you can include the plugin on your clients’ sites or sites that you sell.
There’s a well-known marketplace for websites called Flippa and automated sites like the ones built with this plugin sell for over a hundred dollars.

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Addictive Site Builder Plus+

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  • Browser Push Notifications
  • Sticky Browsing History
  • Premium Share Button
  • Developers License
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